What happened to LCI?

 After 17 years of operating successfully a global IT Infrastructure Operation and Consulting company our biggest customer SCHOTT approached us to insource our IT Services and to bring us most of our staff in house. Paul and I took this decision  not likely but after many discussion we decided that working for SCHOTT is the best possible outcome for most of our employees and us, therefore we accepted the offers to become SCHOTT Employees. 

To my employees we would like to thank you guys for all your years of services, your creativity , willingness to learn continuously and your willingness to always help our customers has helped us reach new levels every year. I also think we built a lot of great memories together to many of you we thought more of your as family and friends instead of employees and we hope that you understand our decision. Paul and I wish you all best for the future.

To all our none SCHOTT customers we would also thank you guys for trusting us with your IT Projects it has been a fun ride and great experience , if there is anything else we can do for you feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you everybody and good luck with the next milestones.
Christian Lamparth 

Paul Metcalf